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Jin Uchiha Part II

(うちはチン, Uchiha Jin)






December 11th




Part I: 13-16

Part II: 17-23


Part I: 146.513 

Part II: 170.688


Part I: 46.2664

Part II: 54.4311

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  Jin Uchiha (うちはチン, Uchiha Jinis the main antagonist of Naruto Shippuden ; Shinobi's Last Hope. His name was originally Kisuke Uchiha, but later renamed to Jin Uchiha. He is the most evilest character in the roleplay.


Jin is the youngest brother to Akuma Uchiha, and was born on December 11th in Konohagakure. His parents are unknown, but it seems Akuma knows who they are and where they are currently residing. In hopes, Jin puts his only goal in his mind to find his parents ; Power. He also inherited The Uchiha Clan's Curse of Hatred


Jin was originally a quiet student in Konohagakure, until an encounter with Akuma told him that his parents were still alive. Jin secretly met with a man in a hood whose name is unknown, and he caused him to go into the darkness. Now, Jin acts like he is superior than everyone, he is cruel, and sadistic.


In his academy days, he wore a simple black T-shirt with the Uchiha Clan's emblem behind it. When he graduated, he had bandages on his right arm and an arm guard protector on his left. He also wore black standard pants with bandages.

In the timeskip, Jin switched to a long V-neck black shirt, exposing his chest, along with his standard pants. Sometime in the beginning of the war, he switched to black armor with the Uchiha Clan's emblem behind it after he left the Akatsuki. 

He also wore a white mask with red flames on his left eye and a black cloak when he invaded Konohagakure.

Jin had a scar on his left eye ever since he was Genin.


Jin has a unique sense of reflexes and speed, going even beyond when he activated his Sharingan. He was considered a genius when he was a Genin.

In Part I: Jin activated his Sharingan when Akuma told him his parents are still alive. He also developed immense strength and speed, that he was able to take down one of the Seven Swordsmen of The Mist in a mission.

In Part II: Jin was shown to have activated both Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, along with a hidden Rinnegan in his left eye. He was shown to able to use his Sharingan to teleport to other places, and have a better sense of reflexes. His Rinnegan's ability was that he could levitate and blast any object in his path and also granted him all the elemental nature types.


Jin has quick reflex and speed, allowing him to become a genius in Taijutsu. He was able to dodge one of The Seven Swordsmen of The Mist's blade, and quickly defeating him with just his hands and legs.


Jin has many techniques in his hand, perfecting them every time. Jin's primary ninjutsu is, "Chidori". He has developed many other techniques with Chidori and is able to charge it through his katana.

In Part I: Jin was shown to only use Fire techniques and Taijutsu. But his sensei, Kasai Namikaze taught him Chidori, knowing that he had Lightning Affinity in him.

In Part II: Jin developed his Fire and Lightning techniques, causing him to be simply held as, "epic" He also aquired the Rinnegan sometime in the Akatsuki, granting him all the elements. Now, he primarily uses a unique type of Kekkei Genkai, Eclipse Release.


Jin Uchiha was taught by Akuma in Kenjutsu, He is very skilled with swords and blades, and was shown to uniquely disarm one of The Seven Swordsmen of The Mist and used his blade against him.

Nature Transformation

Jin is skilled in Lightning and Fire. He was shown to uniquely add both Fire and Lightning affinity to his blade, and cut + burned anything it touched in one slash. 

In Part II: He gained all the elements and created his own type of unique element, Eclipse Release.



Jin was one of the very few members of the Uchiha Clan that had activated their Sharingan, granting him the ability to create genjutsu's and dispell them. He also activated the Mangekyou Sharingan around the time he left Konohagakue, and activated his ability to teleport any-place. His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was activated when he took Ziku Uchiha's eyes. His Susano'o's original form is red, then black for the perfect version.


Jin had the Rinnegan sometime after becoming leader of the Akatsuki. He uniquely attained all the elements from this eye.


He had specialized in Chakra Control, letting him able to walk on walls and water with ease. He also was able to add chakra to his blade, making it stronger.


Jin had alot of intelligence as a kid, granting him the ability to create quick decisions and plans less than a minute.

Other skills

Jin had quick reflex as a kid, granting him his former alias, "The Uchiha Clan's Crimson Thunder". 

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